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Kennedy Space Center

Being a part of the Kennedy Space Center team which processed and launched Space Shuttles was an inspirational start to my professional career. The experience taught me one of the first great lessons of career and life, "that believing in something bigger than yourself and any one person was essential to a purposeful life." The two leaders of our Launch Databank Team were Rupert Stephens and Bill Gallaway who could not have been more different but showed all us that there was great power in partnering with people who have strengths different than your own.


Personally developed algorithms, system and associated software for improving real-time measurement and command processing speeds used by systems and personnel in the Kennedy Space Center Launch Control Center. The software automated the process of fitting line segments to multi-variable polynomial equations that represented Space Shuttle measurements and commands. The software and associated system utilized “divide and conquer”, and “least squares fit” techniques developed under Master’s Thesis at the University of South Florida. Served in various additional capacities including developing software for analysis of Space Shuttle telemetry data as well as automation software for databank mission loading.

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