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The FairWarning Way

Kurt founded and grew the software privacy company FairWarning with less $1 million of outside investment exclusively from life-long friends. FairWarning produced a 75x+ shareholder return as well as profits every year for over a decade. In 2019 FairWarning was acquired by Imprivata and continues to protect patient privacy in 8,500 healthcare facilities as well as financial institutions around the world. FairWarning was recognized as a Tampa Bay Top Workplace for 8 consecutive years as voted on by its employees. Voluntas of Copenhagen, Denmark measured FairWarning to have the highest meaningful score ever recorded of any company globally.

Under ownership of the Long Family, FairWarning continually contributed to the communities across the United States and around the world.  This spirit of good intention and generosity lives on today in the "Long Family Force for Good Foundation".

FairWarning's culture emphasized personal growth, belonging, impact and empowerment. FairWarning's flag program exemplifies the spirit of its culture as team members displayed the FairWarning flag in their travels around the world.

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